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Advocates, providers, and policy makers need to know how well human service systems are meeting the service and support needs of diverse populations and consumer groups. In response, Flint Springs Associates conducts system assessment research to identify needs and understand:

  • service system strengths and gaps
  • degree to which evidence-based practices drive services
  • extent to which key stakeholders are engaged and working together
  • strategies required to best serve targeted populations

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Recent research projects have assessed:

  • Vermont Rural and Agricultural Vocational Rehabilitation Program
  • Information, Referral and Assistance services throughout Vermont
  • Early childhood care and education
  • Traumatic Brain Injury services and development of service plan
  • Primary Care Providers' Training Needs for Domestic Violence Screening
  • Domestic Violence Prevention Planning
  • Vermont Criminal Justice, Mental Health, Social Service and Law Enforcement
  • Responses to Crime Victims and Their Needs
  • Sex Offender Management System
  • WIC Program Client Needs

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