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Build collaborative, strategic approaches to realize social policy goals

Achievement of most social and human service goals requires commitment and meaningful participation from a wide range of stakeholders. Over the past two decades, collaboration has emerged as the preferred approach for addressing complex human services policy goals. Through training and long-term, on-site facilitation, Flint Springs Associates has helped multi-disciplinary teams:

  • build consensus on outcomes
  • identify evidence-based and best practices needed to achieve outcomes
  • develop strategic implementation plans
  • maintain stability and effectiveness beyond our technical assistance

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Our team building and strategic planning expertise have advanced state and local criminal justice, aging and disability, public health and broad human services initiatives. Typically teams we work with include policy makers, managers and direct providers from public and non-profit agencies, as well as consumers and their advocates. Below is a sampling of work our senior partners have led:

  • Criminal Justice
    • enhance public safety through successful offender reentry in New York State (supported by the National Institute of Corrections)
    • enhance public safety through comprehensive approaches to managing sex offenders in 3 states and 8 local jurisdictions (supported by the Office of Justice Programs)

  • Aging and Disabilities
    • build collaborative approach to direct care workforce development (funded by the Vermont State Legislature)
    • improve recruitment and retention of direct care workers in nursing homes, home health settings, adult day programs, and residential care centers (funded by Vermont Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living)
    • develop accessible information, referral and assistance services for older adults and persons with disabilities (supported by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services)

  • Public Health
    • create strategic public health plan to prevent domestic violence and child abuse and neglect (for the Vermont Department of Health)
    • develop statewide services plan for persons with HIV/AIDS (supported by Ryan White Act)

  • Victims of Crime
    • develop standards for guiding responses to victims of crime (for the Vermont Center for Crime Victims' Services)
    • create protocols on death notification to the survivors of crime victims

  • Human Services
    • develop a coordinated statewide human services information and referral system (supported by the Vermont United Way)
    • create a regional plan to improve supports and services for young children and their families (funded by the Vermont Agency of Human Services)