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donna reback, msw, licsw
has worked as a social policy consultant since 1986, guiding both long and short-term initiatives in the public and private non-profit sectors. Through facilitation, strategic planning, research and training activities Donna has helped multi-disciplinary teams build collaborative, concrete approaches to achieve improvements in policies and services on a wide range of human service issues.

Donna began her career as a VISTA volunteer working for the Vermont Department of Corrections. After earning a Masters Degree in Social Work and teaching in the Social Work program at Trinity College in Burlington, she entered the doctoral program in Social Welfare Policy at the Florence Heller School at Brandeis University. In 1987 she became the Associate Director of the National Institute for Sentencing Alternatives, a criminal justice policy center at Brandeis. From the Institute, she went on to the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation where for seven years she worked with policy makers in four states to design and implement strategic approaches to reduce their jurisdictions' reliance on harsh punishments and incarceration of non-violent offenders. Since then, Donna has worked as an independent consultant with teams of criminal and juvenile justice policy makers in more than 30 states and counties. In this role she's provided strategic planning, team building, research and training services addressing alternatives to incarceration, sex offender management, probation and parole violations, crime victim services and successful offender reentry.

Over the past 15 years Donna has applied her skills and experience to a wider range of social policy initiatives in her home state of Vermont. She's had the privilege to work on a myriad of projects intended to advance Vermont's commitment to bring greater choice, autonomy and accessibility of services to older adults and persons with disabilities -choices about where and how they live and what supports and care they want. Whether the substantive issues focus on building a seamless statewide Information and Referral system, increasing the recruitment and retention of direct care workers, improving services to victims of crime or persons with HIV/AIDS, or enhancing public safety, Donna's work is built on her commitment to engage all concerned parties in finding common ground and building mutually beneficial solutions.. Practically, this means helping policy makers, service providers, consumers and advocates achieve outcomes that are informed by good data, driven by an understanding of "what works", and dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of individuals and their communities.

Donna values the growth, challenges and partnerships presented by the amazing work that comes her way, and credits Vermont's Green Mountains, civil society and abundant quiet for keeping her grounded and grateful in these exciting and demanding times.

  CV of Donna Reback