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Building Capacity to Achieve Outcomes

Flint Springs Associates works with organizations interested in building a culture of inquiry that values data. As certified Results-Based Accountability™ trainers, our Senior Partners help our clients use the RBA framework to:

  • Define how their clients will benefit from participation in programs and services
  • Identify information that demonstrates how their clients are better off

Once needed information is identified, we provide training and ongoing technical assistance to help our clients:

  • Collect and manage information
  • Analyze qualitative and quantitative data
  • Utilize data to improve programs and services
  • Report results to funders and other stakeholders

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Unlike a point in time evaluation conducted by outside researchers, our clients gain the skills and capacity to effectively and continuously monitor progress on their own. In the end, the capacity-building technical assistance we provide strengthens an organization's ability to positively impact people's lives and allows funders to effectively invest their resources.